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Whether you are a beginner or a veteran in the online investment field, we are sure that you will find our platform easy to use.

Our Company

XXX is the Morden trust management system provides built-in trend indicator that automates the manages and diversifies the portfolio against the live markets. XXX is laser-focused on client satisfaction and bitcoin adoption in real-time. The applied volume allocated to different predefined exchanges and start instant trading based on the selected method of trade style and generates the profit 24*7 even world is asleep.

In swing package - allocated sum will trigger and execute the trade as the bot detects any profit booking opportunity. Once indicators are hit, the trade becomes active instantly and start working and adjusting margin according to the live rates. In Margin Package - allocated sum will execute with predefined margin rate and leveraged. Once the indicator hit any trigger such as RSI, Resistance-support, MACD alarm, the trade will be active with higher leveraged and keep dollar cost-profit booking on every milestone.

In Hold Package - The trade execute only for exchange at the favourable rates of crypto trades. Its also automated by our AI bots that the trigger only where then is any opportunity.

XXX is the only comprehensive online platform that runs on AI trigger Bots that prevent any misleading, ignored, emotional determination and only works when there are conducive conditions.

Our Mission

Further development of the activities and increase in operating capitals reserve, including due to the attraction of financial resources, invested by private investors. To achieve the ideal business relations edifice and maximally to provide our services around the world.

Our Vision

To present our investors with high-quality service as well as meet their financial needs and help them succeed. To be at the forefront of global innovations and help the start-up high-technology companies to create the next generation of most innovative technological products.


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Meet Our Team



Gabriel Gatein is expert in intra day crypto trading, He personally work 24*7 to analyze the market and select the appropriate trade for the profit booking. He has contributed amount of hardwork in CryptoStake Ltd.


Social Manager

Fred Walker is a social manager, who handles the investors relation in the CryptoStake Ltd. Also he actile in other social plateform such as facebook and telegram.


Our investment business presents you with the most convenient conditions for cooperation, including different investment plans, progressive scale of profitability, low financial risk, convenience and ease of use, and many other benefits that you can appreciate by investing through XYZ.

Acknowledged and Fair traders

A team of trained market traders who are effective trading with cryptocurrency on the most modern world exchanges and secure timely payments on credits.

Algorithms and Experimental root

Private developments, algorithms and innovative bases that allow optimizing the costs linked with the crypto trading, making our business concept more engaging.

Automatically Collect investment

A different online platform transformed to automatically receive investment, provide periodic accruals and handle withdrawal requests of customers.

Authorized Registered

Formally registered corporation in Great Britain. It encourages the legalization of our firm and attracts investment to refurbish our mining centers.

High-quality and Professional authorities

High-quality technical experts with experience and skill in the field of internet technologies, digital marketing, and sociological research.

Company Legitimacy

Our company has an official registration and a license to conduct investment activities around the world! This policy and appearance of investing can suit everyone’s personality or lifestyle. This is a system for active investors, although you certainly don’t have to spend a ton of time at the computer to use it. Invest hard to live the dream of working from home. We are notably devoted to helping others in their path to financial independence and freedom that can be gained from successful home-based investing.