Future Prospects

Cryptostake Ltd project aims for a long-term and productive cooperation with its investors. We want our project to have special functions and for it to be clear and convenient for every partaker. Bearing in mind that most our ideas are challenging, and that the project has to commence now, we have drawn up this development plan that will allow our current, potential or undecided investors to understand the benefits of working with us.

Plans for further project development:

When creating a plan for further actions, it is crucial to divide them into long and short-term ones. Short-term activities are:

  1. 1. New languages will be added for translation of the website to globalize the project;

  2. 2. Maintenance and making of social media accounts in different languages;

  3. 3. Addition of new crypto-currencies consented by the project;

  4. 4. Addition of currency exchange system between investors;

  5. 5. Addition of crypto-currency storage system to an available deposit.